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Fire Wood For Sale

Sungazer Stud was unfortunately caught up in the fires of 2009. The fires caused the Stud an untold amount of damage in fact they put us out of business for many years and we are just getting back up on our feet trying to get breeding stock back on track. The fires also caused exhaustive environmental damage that I am still trying to correct. Dead trees everywhere falling down breaking fences are just one of the problems to contend with.

Trying to make something good out of the damage I have cut some of the trees up into firewood that I am now offering for sale. The wood is a good quality heavy hardwood, it is clean that is it is not blackened or charred many of the trees died just from the heat or the after effects of the soil damage. The firewood is cut and split to a lengths suitable for a slow combustion heater. You can come and pick you own from the stack just a short 1 hour drive from Melbourne. Delivery can also be negotiated.

Alternatively you can place an order for a certain size to suit your stove or pizza oven this is often referred to as double split.

The firewood is $140 per 500kg or 1 cubic meter whichever is the greater.

Delivery can be arranged if needed.

For Details please contact David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Sungazer Stud has been breeding quality pure French bloodline cattle since 1993. We have used only performance tested frozen semen from France to maintain a true and classic style animal producing fast growing cattle while maintaining good birth weights with good milking ability and an emphasis on good temperament.